I created this sleeve for my round hocker from one pair of stretch jeans. You will need:

  • a hocker or stool (diameter 40-60cm)
  • stretch jeans (not too small or short)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • string / ropeĀ  110-150cm (depending on the size of the hocker)

First cut the jeans at 40cm (height of the hocker cushion +10cm) measured from the top of the waistband (cut 1.). Then open the crotch area of the jeans and remove the zipper (cut 2.and 3.). Since these are stretch jeans with not so much waist gathering you will have an almost straight sidepanel this way, that is only 10-25 cm too short.

Then open the inner leg seams (cut 4.) and sew the two legs B and C together (rotate B 180). From this panel you cut a circle (F) for the top, don’t forget the seam allowance, and piece together some strips to fill the gap (D and E) between the edges of A. Close the back center seam (where you cut away the crotch), attach panels D, E and A together and make sure this tube fits nicely around the hocker.

Then pin panel F in place and sew the top on the tube. Finish by folding the sleeve at the blue dotted line and sew a seam at 2 cm from the bottom, leave a tiny opening so you can thread a rope through the tunnel for gathering the sleeve on the bottom of the hocker.

You can also make this using old (faux) leather pants. And if your hocker is square, then cut the toppanel F fitted for that…